About Me

My work depicts real life. It is not staged or enhanced. I photograph what I see; the ordinary and the loved; the small and the ugly. My work encapsulates a broad spectrum of our world but the common thread throughout is nurture. My images have a link to life – either living or having lived – life itself – or the equipment, be that human or object, that helps promote life. My current work has three core elements – marriage, agriculture and animals/wildlife. At first glance one might say an eclectic trio. The linkage is there – nature and the nurture of living things.

I take my images as the moment happens. I don’t spend hours waiting for a perfect scene to unfold; life isn’t like that. Colour and texture are key components of my images. My farming images range from the uniform shapes of polythene tunnels housing the next crop of fruit shining almost blindingly in the sun to the dying tangled sludgy brown mess of last years fruit crop. Not forgetting the all important machinery that cultivates. The circle of life. To many marriage is a sacred vow. I take my images to capture that sense. It maybe a look or maybe a gesture but it will be unmistakably a marriage. I think animals are fascinating and fun. I take my images to reveal details of an animal that are never seen and to reflect their character. Even the tiniest creatures have beauty in them that cannot be seen by the naked eye. My images bring out those attributes to create a sense of wonder and questioning.

I take images to portray and evoke emotion. I find it difficult to express emotion but through my images I am able to convey what I like and what moves me to question, wonder, smile and even laugh out loud. There is so much unhappiness, fear and horror in our world, I want my images to bring respite from that. I want my images to have depth and interest such that for however long one wants, those images are a distraction – in a good way.

I hope you enjoy looking through my Portfolio – this is just a small selection of the images I love to create. If I can help you capture moments that mean a lot to you – get in touch!


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